Why we exist

We want to live in a just and inclusive society that is underpinned by a Good Economy – an economy that works for everyone.

An idea whose time has come

The Good Economy is an idea whose time has come. We witness this in the fields of sustainable development, social entrepreneurship and impact investment.

The Good Economy is a humane model of capitalism focused on tackling global development challenges, including poverty and rising inequality. 

The Good Economy requires businesses and investors to collaborate with government and communities to ensure that good education, good jobs, good housing and good health care are accessible to all – nobody is left out or left behind. 

The Good Economy thrives on high dynamism and wide inclusion. Innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism pervade all aspects of economic life.

How we work

The Good Economy vision guides our work and provides a common purpose for us and our clients.

Our work is based on theoretical research, empirical observation and practical experience. 

We are collaborative and open-minded, breaking down silos and facilitating partnerships across the private, public and social sectors.

We are good listeners; requiring a combination of emotional and rational sensibilities, enabling us to be heard and trusted in both the boardroom and local communities. 

We help clients to appreciate their social purpose and become more progressive in their business and investment strategies.

What we do

We act as social advisors to investors, businesses, government and social purpose organisations.


We work with a broad range of investors - including specialist impact investors, private equity firms, mainstream asset managers and asset owners. 

  • Investment Strategy and Fund Design. We work with investors to develop investment strategies and new investment vehicles that generate both social and financial returns, included blended finance vehicles combining public and private investment.
  • Impact Measurement and Management.   We develop practical, user-driven impact measurement and management methodologies. Clients use our proprietary methodologies and data to select investments, build portfolios, create new funds, and analyse, improve and benchmark social performance. 


We work with business leaders who want to develop a strategic approach to increasing their societal value.  Our services create added sustainable value for customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, communities and society.

  • Strategy. We help business leaders to identify opportunities and develop strategies to increase the social impact of their core business activities in ways that increase social value hand-in-hand with commercial success.  
  • Fundraising. We advise on fundraising options drawing on our expertise and networks in the social investment market. 
  • Social Value Assessment. We carry out assessments that enable businesses to identify, measure and manage their social value.

Government and International Development Institutions

We work with governments and international development institutions to develop innovative and scaleable solutions to help tackle social problems.

  • Feasibility. We undertake market research and feasibility studies into the opportunity for social business models and innovative financing strategies.
  • Strategy and Design. We help design projects and financing facilities that support businesses that have a positive social impact. 
  • Impact Measurement and Management. We develop practical, user-led impact measurement and management frameworks and tools that provide high levels of transparency and public accountability. 

We focus on social issues, with in-depth expertise in good job creation, enterprise development, financial inclusion and affordable housing. 

We work both in the UK and internationally, with developing country experience in Africa, South Asia and Eastern Europe, with particular knowledge of post-conflict countries.