CBRE Global Investors


CBRE Global Investors is one of the world’s largest real estate investment firms. For CBRE Global Investors, The Good Economy provides impact measurement and management services for affordable housing strategies in both the UK and across Europe.

The UK-focused affordable housing strategy at CBRE Global Investors was launched in 2018, providing investors with the opportunity to invest in a range of affordable housing assets across the UK. Their European strategy is due to launch early in 2020. This strategy will see CBRE Global Investors invest in affordable private rental accommodation for median income households in metropolitan regions across Europe.


The Good Economy Partnership acts as CBRE’s social impact advisor on its UK and European affordable housing strategies. Our role is to enable CBRE Global Investors measure, manage and report on the social impact of its investments. This helps CBRE Global Investors to make impact considerations an integral part of its investment decision-making, alongside traditional financial investment considerations of risk and return.

The Good Economy helped design an Impact Measurement and Management System for CBRE Global Investors. This process involved defining strategic impact objectives, formulating a “theory of change” and developing processes to assess impact at every step of the investment process, including the design of an in-house social impact screening tool.

We also carry out field-based social due diligence on all projects and prepare an Annual Social Impact Report to be distributed to investors. The annual performance review is based on a mix of quantitative and qualitative data, with the strategy assessed against its key impact objectives together with an appraisal of any impact-related risks. We take a stakeholder-driven and outcomes-focused approach to our work, ensuring end-user voice is captured and analysed as part of impact performance.

These services ensure that CBRE Global Investors has a high level of transparency and accountability to all stakeholders, including its investors, partners and tenants.


The Good Economy’s first annual social performance review for CBRE Global Investors’ UK-focused affordable housing strategy found:

  • It has had a positive start and is delivering on its original impact intentions. The first investments are all consistent with the impact goal and strategic objectives of the strategy
  • The strategy is underpinned by a clear and robust impact management process. We are pleased to note that The Good Economy has advised on several schemes that did not pass the social impact screen.

CBRE GIobal Investors is playing a leadership role in developing a standardised impact measurement and management approach for social and affordable housing.