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The Good Growth Initiative

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What would a business system look like if we were to build it from scratch, hard wiring in the need to deliver on regeneration, shared value and ecology?

This is exactly the question we’re setting out to answer as part of a collaboration with the Good Growth Company, which invited TGE's co-founders to join its board, along with representatives from the John Lewis Partnership, consultancy firm Volans and Conservation International.

The mission is to prototype and build “value chains” – rather than supply chains – that protect the environment and regenerate communities delivering high value products to consumers who care. Unlike traditional supply chains, these value chains create shared value at every node. They’re inherently regenerative – not just seeking to reduce costs to maximise value for shareholders.

A common good

An example of how such a value chain can work is demonstrated by the company’s work to bring together Mongolian yak farmers and UK textile producing communities. Mongolian grasslands are in peril from overgrazing, which is endangering local wildlife. Meanwhile UK textile producing communities are in decline.

By connecting Mongolian herders, UK producers and consumers into a democratically owned value chain, there could be important strides towards a common good – it conserves Mongolian grasslands, protects wildlife, creates viable opportunities for producers and gives consumers who care a product they actually want.

The next step

The Good Growth Company is looking to raise $2m to support a pilot in Mongolia, Patagonia and Scotland.

For further information visit www.thegoodgrowthcompany.com

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