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We offer a range of integrated services, tailored to your needs, helping you to understand, enhance and communicate real-world outcomes with integrity and confidence.

Our specialism is in impact measurement and management (IMM) – not only helping you meet stakeholder expectations and regulatory requirements, but to help you make a lasting and significant contribution to the sustainable development agenda.

We work with clients to help identify and integrate real-world impact considerations into their strategic and operational decision-making.

We work across all asset classes and sectors, with a particular specialisation in private markets including Affordable Housing, Commercial Real Estate, Private Equity and Debt and Emerging Markets.

Strategy Consultancy

Sustainability and Impact

Impact Verification and Assurance

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Our Approach

Our rigorous approach helps you plan your impact, prove your impact – and then improve it.

Strategic Certainty

Impact happens when it’s been strategically planned and executed. We help you to create robust, credible, and relevant impact strategies, with evaluation built in from the start.

Innovative Approach

Our work is about pioneering new methods, not dead data. We inform your strategies with the latest thinking, ready for the future.

Rigorous Reporting

With the right models, reporting criteria, and evaluations in place, we help you maximise your impact.

Explore our clients and the work we do for them

Abundance Investment

Abundance Investment is a leading direct investment platform giving people control over their money. Since its launch in July 2012, it has raised more than £90m from individual investors to fund companies and projects across the green economy and housing sectors. Helping local councils raise investment for local projects is a key focus area for Abundance given the low risk returns it offers the company’s investors.

Abundance is a Founding Member of TGE’s Place-Based Impact Investing Network



AgDevCo is a specialist investor in African agribusiness with the mission to support the development of a thriving commercial African agriculture sector.

TGE conducted an assurance exercise for AgDevCo to verify its reported impact figures and to recommend ways to strengthen overall impact measurement and management practices. We also conducted research for a paper summarising lessons learned from AgDevCo’s seed investments into early-stage agribusinesses.



AEW is one of the largest real estate investment managers in the world with over $90 billion assets under management.

The Good Economy was engaged by AEW UK in 2022 to set up an Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) Framework for what was then called the RRF. The RRF had launched in 2016, with a strategy to invest in a range of real estate sectors aiming to align the real benefits of property with the needs of long-term savers.

With a view to capitalising on the positive place-based impact potential of real estate investment, AEW UK commissioned TGE to design a formal approach to convert this existing strategy into one that could credibly claim to be an ‘impact’ fund.

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AfricInvest which was founded in the early 1990s is one of the most experienced private equity investors on the African continent. With more than 100 professionals in eleven offices, AfricInvest has raised USD2 billion across 21 funds and benefits from strong, long-term support from both local and international investors, including leading development finance institutions in the United States and Europe.

In line with the requirements of the Operating Principles for Impact Management, to which AfricInvest is a signatory, The Good Economy undertook an independent assessment of their impact management processes and practices using our verification methodology, Impact Assured.

Impact Assured verifies alignment with the Impact Principles and wider industry good practice, as well as provides practical recommendations on opportunities to strengthen impact systems. A detailed report on the verification findings was presented to AfricInvest


Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs

The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) is a global network of organisations that propel entrepreneurship in developing economies. ANDE members provide critical financial, educational, and business support services to small and growing businesses (SGBs) based on the conviction that SGBs create jobs, stimulate long-term economic growth, and produce environmental and social benefits.

The Good Economy helped ANDE by facilitating the Decent Work Measurement Learning Lab and capturing the key insights in this guide.

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Association of Real Estate Funds

The Association of Real Estate Funds (AREF) is the body that represents the interests of its fund managers, those firms that advise and support them and the end customers that invest in our member funds. Membership includes over fifty funds spanning the leading real estate fund management houses in the industry, through to smaller, specialist boutiques, with a collective net asset value of over £50bn.TGE regularly delivers training sessions to members on impact investing.


Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

The Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley is the fourth largest settlement in South Yorkshire with a population of 244,600.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council is a Founding Member of TGE’s Place-Based Impact Investing Network


Bath and North East Somerset Council

Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) is a unitary authority district in Somerset, South West England. It covers an area of 136 square miles, of which two thirds is green belt. The area has a population of around 193,400, half of which live in the City of Bath.

B&NES is a Founding Member of TGE’s Place-Based Impact Investing Network and held one of the four PBII Innovation Labs.

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Bristol & Bath Regional Capital

Bristol and Bath Regional Capital (BBRC) is a leading, place-based impact investor and asset manager. They invest in real estate, infrastructure and businesses to deliver attractive returns for investors and strong social, economic and environmental outcomes for local communities.

BBRC is a Founding Member of TGE’s Place-Based Impact Investing Network.


Bristol City Council

Bristol City Council is the local authority of Bristol, England. The council is a unitary authority and is unusual in the United Kingdom in that its executive function is controlled by its directly elected mayor. It is part of the West of England Combined Authority and the 11th most populous urban area in the United Kingdom.

Bristol City Council is a Founding Member of TGE’s Place-Based Impact Investing Network


Bristish International Investment

British Investment International (BII) is UK’s development finance institution, managed by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) focused on investing in the emerging markets of Africa and South Asia.

TGE worked with the BII to produce a report that outlines a practical framework to help investors and companies consider how best to use digital technologies to enhance workforce communication and worker voice.

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Capital & Centric

Capital & Centric are Manchester-based social impact property developers, investors and operators.

The Good Economy worked with them to define their impact management and measurement framework.