Astrid Pedersen


Astrid joined TGE following her graduation from the London School of Economics and Political Science with an MSc in Political Science and Political Economy, complementing her BSc in Economics from Northeastern University. Her academic background focused on causal inference and how political and economic systems interact to create the society we live in.

Astrid previously provided consultancy for an employment programme targeting youth from lower socioeconomic backgrounds in the USA, supporting their transition to a hybrid delivery model and developing their use of data in informing decision making. Prior to this, she worked across the policy and research teams at J-PAL, a global research centre focused on reducing poverty through evidence-based policy by conducting randomised controlled trials. In this role, she advanced their catalogue of research resources and administrative data sets and made impact evaluations accessible to decision makers by summarising evaluations into digestible policy materials.

Astrid is passionate about improving the lives of disadvantaged populations and the climate by maximizing the societal and environmental impact of investments. She is excited to support clients in improving their impact assessment capabilities, particularly through the use of comprehensive and quality data and robust evaluation methods.