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Building on the practical experience of the first set of PBII Innovation Labs, we have developed a comprehensive set of advisory services to help clients across the investment ecosystem to identify, design and implement successful PBII approaches

Our PBII Advisory Services are designed to support you at every stage on the PBII journey.

1 Exploration

The first stage of the journey is to identify projects suitable for external finance. This typically involves a workshop which helps explain the detail behind PBII, explores potential projects in an area and examines the applicability of the funding to the priority projects of the area.

2 Validation

Once potential PBII projects have been identified their suitability for impact investment needs to be explored and validated. Our research and analysis determines the feasibility of the project.

3 Definition

For projects that pass Stage 2, our team of PBII experts help you to develop a detailed business case with the scope, costs, risks and potential impacts clearly defined. This stage would also include soft testing with potential funders.

4 Implementation

Leveraging the networks and social capital of TGE we can assist with approaches to investors and support the funding due diligence stages, ensuring that impact measurement is appropriately embedded in all aspects of the project.

5 Realisation

Once project funding has been secured, we would work with the team to develop a detailed impact measurement and management system, and annually assess and report on the delivery of the desired real world outcomes.

For more information on our PBII Advisory Services for each stage of the PBII journey, please get in touch.

Case Studies

South Essex

The Lab with South Essex Councils (SEC) considered a number of finance-related net zero challenges and how multi-sectoral collaborations could support the delivery of the South Essex 2050 vision, including housing retrofit.


The Manchester Lab focused on the challenge of how to finance the reprovision of social housing in the context of wider estate regeneration and new affordable housing development. This is a national challenge that faces not only Manchester but cities and towns across the country.


The Bath Lab focused on the challenge of how to finance affordable housing particularly for key workers, local families and first time buyers in an area of high housing prices.


For Dunoon the Lab looked at the challenge of how to finance community-led regeneration in a coastal town that has gone through a period of decline, a problem faced by many coastal and rural towns across the country.

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