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Impact Services

We work with clients to help identify and integrate ESG and impact considerations into decision-making and performance reporting.

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Our customised services help clients understand, enhance and communicate their ESG and impact performance with integrity and confidence.

We ensure our clients align with emerging international standards including the Impact Management Project (IMP) and Operating Principles for Impact Management (OPIM).

Our impact assessments combine the use of quantitative and qualitative data with a focus on understanding real world outcomes and taking end-user and stakeholder perspectives into account.

Our clients benefit from our knowledge and expertise, as well as our strong networks.

If you would like to learn more about our Impact Services, please email info@thegoodeconomy.co.uk.

Impact Measurement & Management Systems

We support clients in developing practical ESG and impact measurement and management (IMM) systems that align with their business strategy and industry frameworks such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Impact Management Project, GIIN's IRIS+ system and the Operating Principles for Impact Management.

Our IMM systems development help clients define their impact objectives and integrate impact considerations into their business strategy and decision-making. We develop robust ESG and impact reporting frameworks, including metrics and data collection systems that are used to measure and manage sustainable social and environmental value creation over time.

Impact Due Diligence

We conduct independent due diligence to assess transactions' social impact opportunities and risks. Our reports provide evidence-based insight into the likelihood of clients achieving their impact objectives, while also highlighting ways of enhancing impact creation and avoiding negative impacts.

Impact Assessment and Reporting

We provide a considered and independent opinion on the positive and negative impacts of clients' activities. We take a mixed methods approach that combines both qualitative and quantitative data.

Our impact reporting ranges from in-depth reporting for clients focused on a single challenge (tackling homelessness, for example) to analysing and reporting on the impact of multi-sector global portfolios.

Place-Based Impact Investing (PBII) Reporting

Individual savers and investors, including local government pension scheme members, are increasingly asking how their money is making a meaningful difference locally and contributing to the UK's Levelling Up agenda.

As a result, we believe that place-based reporting will be the norm in a few years and have developed the Place-Based Impact Investing (PBII) Reporting Framework in partnership with a group of Local Government Pension Funds and asset managers. This reporting approach has now been adopted by progressive local government pension funds.

  • For asset owners including local government pension schemes, defined contribution funds and other pension fund managers, we provide an impact assessment and reporting service analysing the type and geography of investments and their contribution to local, regional and national sustainable economic development in order for them to communicate this important information to their members and trustees.
  • For asset managers (fund managers), we provide a factsheet of the sub-national impact their fund is making in order for them to communicate this to actual and prospective customers. We also provide an assessment of the strategy’s impact and place-based traits.
PBII Report Example
Sample Report

Verification and Assurance

Independent assurance can play an important role building confidence in an organisation’s sustainability practices and performance. By undergoing an assessment of the level of alignment with generally accepted standards, frameworks and good practice, organisations can demonstrate the authenticity of their approach – and increase levels of transparency and accountability. Impact Assured is The Good Economy’s leading methodology to verify alignment with the Operating Principles for Impact Management. This process-oriented review assesses an investor’s practices, processes and systems against industry consensus on the key ‘building blocks’ that need to be place in order to manage for impact across the investment process.

Impact Training

The Good Economy offers bespoke Impact Training to build the confidence and capability of leadership teams responsible for integrated impact decision making. Impact Training topics include

  • Fundamentals on impact investing
  • ESG and impact measurement
  • Understanding the impact investing industry – standards and trends
  • Drivers behind market trends

TGE’s Impact Training services are available for organisations of all types and can even be delivered one-on-one.

From Board level and executive team standalone training to team or divisional training as part of a larger engagement for capacity building, TGE’s Impact Training can be tailored to meet any need.

Outcomes Measurement

We help clients understand their stakeholders' lived experiences. Based on our Insightable tool, which replaces costly and time-consuming surveys, our lean and fast approach to outcomes measurement lets people articulate change in their own words, while allowing analysis and benchmarking based on quantitative trends.