What is Insightable?

Insightable is a radically lean tool for capturing stakeholder voice. It works as a simple online survey, enabling organisations to understand the real life experience of their end-users as they happen on the ground.

Designed for investors and mission-driven enterprises, Insightable eliminates the need for long surveys or over-complicated outcomes measurement. By asking a few simple questions to stakeholders, powerful analysis allows organisations to integrate the voices of customers, communities, employees into their impact management and decision-making processes.

If you’d like to know more about Insightable and how it could work for your organisation, please email info@thegoodeconomy.co.uk

What does Insightable do?

  • Builds a robust picture of impact on various aspects of economic and social well-being
  • Captures the nuances of each individual stakeholder response but in a way that is consistent, comparable and can be immediately benchmarked against national datasets and trends
  • Benchmarks results against recognised metrics available on a multitude of topics
  • Has a rapid turnaround time generating impact data in close to real-time – it takes just days from initial set up to data on outcomes data flowing through
  • Helps players across the impact value chain move from intuition to evidence-based decision-making

Who should use Insightable?


  • Integrate end-user voice into impact reporting for single investments or entire portfolios
  • Benefit from unfiltered views from stakeholders, powering risk mitigation and value creation strategies
  • Provide investors and other stakeholders with enriched insights into real-life impact

Business and social-purpose organisations

  • Affordable data-driven tool to understand real-life experience from the people who matter most – customers, communities and employees.
  • Democratised, real-time reporting allowing for immediate course correction of products or projects
  • Enrich stories of impact with the voices of all stakeholder groups

If you would like to learn more about how Insightable could help your organisation to measure and manage its impact on the ground, please email info@thegoodeconomy.co.uk