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Good Housing Collaborations

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The Good Economy collaborates with market participants to develop pathways to unlock public and private investment in social and affordable housing. We currently have two live collaborations:

ESG Social Housing Working Group

The ESG Social Housing Working Group
Alongside Peabody and Centrus, the Good Economy is a lead partner in the ESG Social Housing Working Group, which is developing a sector-standard approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting for the social housing sector.

In addition to the lead partners, the working group is made up of 15 other partners representing investors from across the spectrum of capital, housing associations and specialist advisors.

In May 2020, the working group published its White Paper, outlining a draft ESG criteria for housing associations. This criteria was put out to public consultation reaching a diverse audience, including tenant groups.

The working group has sparked an important conversation about the urgent need to unlock new sources of investment to tackle the UK’s housing crisis. These conversations received extensive media coverage in the FT (paywall), Inside Housing, Housing Today, Radius and Social Housing.

We believe this would be the first ESG reporting standard to have widespread adoption in a sector in the UK. We’ve been asked to present this work as a case study for a global audience on how to develop standardised reporting in other sectors.

Equity Investors in Social Housing

Equity Investors in Social Housing Project
We are working with Big Society Capital and the Impact Investing Institute to establish a common impact measurement and reporting approach for equity investors in social housing.

In addition to our core partners, we are reaching out to organisations across the financial and social housing sector. If you would like to participate in or know more about these projects, please email andy@thegoodeconomy.co.uk. And sign up to our newsletter to keep up with the project.