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“Affordable housing is recognised as a universal social good within the Sustainable Development Goals, and access to adequate, safe and affordable housing is a core target for Goal 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities. But housing is not just about ‘bricks and mortar’. Having a decent, affordable home is an important determinant of people’s health and wellbeing.”

The Good Economy has a strong track record in providing impact measurement and management services to investors in social and affordable housing – working with specialist local investors to the world’s largest global real estate investment firms.

We also play a leading role in developing ESG and impact reporting standards for the wider social housing sector, as the technical secretariate for the Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing (SRS).

TGE also supports the Housing Festival, a ‘think-and-do-tank’ that aims to find innovative and scalable solutions to the national housing crisis.

Commercial Real Estate

Real estate doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it exists in a community whose resilience it serves or is diminished by. Its purpose is to serve human need which is why a human-centric approach to the built environment that enhances the wellbeing of occupiers and local residents and protects the natural world is the only sustainable solution.

Forward-thinking industry leaders recognise the impact of real estate on its surrounding communities and are responding to these drivers by making social impact a business imperative that protects long-term asset value and stays ahead of evolving expectations.

By integrating social impact into investment strategy, leaders are demonstrating improved resilience, reduced volatility and enhanced long-term, risk adjusted returns whilst also improving the real-world experience for people day to day.

Opportunities for the Commercial Real Estate Industry

As a real estate investor, embracing social impact unlocks a myriad of opportunities to make a meaningful difference to the places you are invested. By systematically integrating social impact into your business processes, you have the power to drive positive change alongside financial performance.

The local needs you can influence include:

Good Job Creation

Skills and Education

Local Enterprises

Community Connectivity

Climate Resilience

Affordable Homes and Workspaces

Health and Wellbeing

Safety and Security

All of which make significant positive contributions to the social fabric of the communities in which real estate assets are located.

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Private Equity and Debt

Venture capital can support innovative new ways of addressing societal challenges in areas such as health and education, while growth private equity can be critical to help impactful companies scale.

Private debt can be especially important for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who are the engine of inclusive economic growth and social development.

Our aim is to help investors to manage, measure and communicate their social and environmental outcomes with confidence.

Private equity and debt investors aiming to generate positive social outcomes need a robust approach to defining and measuring their impact. TGE supports clients to develop best-in-class impact management systems in line with industry standards. We drive authentic impact creation through our rigorous analysis and reporting, at the same time as helping to put in place practical tools to ensure a focus on sustainable outcomes is embedded throughout the investment process.

Our clients include managers of private equity, debt and venture capital funds, family offices, foundations and institutional asset owners, governments with inclusive growth agendas as well as investment and development banks.

Emerging Markets

The financing gap to reach the SDGs in developing countries is estimated to be US$ 3.9 trillion per year. It’s no wonder there is growing interest from foundations, family offices, corporates and institutional investors in how their resources can be best deployed for social change – complementing traditional sources of finance such as development banks. TGE has extensive experience and expertise in helping clients integrate, measure and manage their impact.

There is a pressing need – as well as great potential – for both private and public investment to be mobilised to have a positive impact in the emerging markets.

This will require a spectrum of capital – from grants and philanthropy to impact-driven investments, as well as mainstream finance. Together, these can help seed and scale promising initiatives aimed at generating sustainable outcomes and improving levels of wellbeing, food security, public health, education, financial inclusion and economic opportunities.

TGE is a trusted partner for organisations seeking to develop and deliver impact strategies in emerging markets. We have a specialist focus on investing for high-quality decent jobs, access to affordable healthcare, financial inclusion as well as place-based impacts.

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