Creating a Good Economy

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We exist to promote the emergence of a Good Economy, one that works for everyone, both in the United Kingdom and around the world.

From strategy development to verification, The Good Economy helps organisations to define, measure, evaluate, report and verify impact investments that make a positive contribution to sustainable development.

Our impact services are designed to meet the growing investor demand and market expectation for greater confidence and credibility in impact creation and are underpinned by three ‘i’s - intentionality, integration and integrity.

Recognised as thought leaders, The Good Economy is the ‘go to’ firm for organisations looking to deliver on and report against their sustainable development mandate.

Making Impact Count

Research, strategic advice and impact measurement, management and verification services for organisations interested in making long-term social value creation integral to their business.

We help finance and business to play their part in solving major social problems. Dedicated to creating a fairer and more sustainable society, we use our social capital to convene disparate stakeholder groups to drive collaborative innovations for positive change.

We help our clients to understand, measure and report real-world social impact, manage impact risk and integrate impact considerations into decision-making and performance reporting.


TGE has extensive knowledge and experience and plays an active role in building the sustainable development ‘ecosystem’.

Known for our convening power, we believe that partnerships are critical to building a Good Economy and every organisation has a role to play. We are also members of a number of local and global impact investing aligned organisations and serve as the Secretariat for Sustainability for Housing. In addition, we partner across sectors and disciplines in various research and other collaboration projects.