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Place-based social impact refers to the transformative effects of initiatives and interventions that are designed to address and uplift specific geographical communities. Unlike broader approaches, which may target societal issues at a national or global scale, place-based impact initiatives focus on local neighbourhoods, towns, or regions, recognising the unique challenges and opportunities that arise within these distinct settings.

By concentrating efforts on a particular place, stakeholders can cultivate strong partnerships, leverage existing community assets, and foster a sense of ownership among residents, thereby facilitating sustainable change and creating lasting positive outcomes for the people and the environment in that specific area. Through this deliberate localisation, place-based social impact endeavours pave the way for more inclusive and resilient communities, promoting meaningful progress towards a Good Economy, one that works for everyone.

Place-Based Impact Investing (PBII) is an approach to investing defined by a number of traits. The original White Paper identified five traits which were simplified to four in the PBII Reporting Framework – two related to Place and two to Impact. At its core, PBII is about investing in a way that responds to locally-identified needs and priorities, involves collaboration with local stakeholders and listening to community voice and is intentional about maximising benefits for local people and place.


Defining Place and Understanding Local Priorities

Defining Place and Understanding Local Priorities

Collaboration and Stakeholder Engagement


Intentionality to Create Positive Impact

Impact Management, Measuring and Reporting

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